Starwave Waves Sylph Goodbye

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 4 Jan 2012 01:55
Noon Position: 35 26.2 S 136 53.9 E (South of Althorpe Island)
Course: West sou' west Speed 3 knots
Wind: South sou' west, F3 Gentle Breeze
Weather: Sunny, warm
Day's run: 19 nm

A relatively peaceful night ensued after the dramas of yester-evening, but with some 80 miles of sailing to do today to get to our destination for the evening,Whaler's Bay at Thistle Island, it was an early start – 3.30 am. Immediately my alarm went off I jumped out of my bunk, and proceeded to weigh. Starfire was not far behind but we managed to gain a much needed reasonable head start, I think because I sailed Sylph from anchor and was then immediately able to lay course around Marsden Point while Mark weighed anchor under motor then had to turn back into the wind to set the mainsail. Presumably this took him a little while to do for it wasn't until well after sunrise that he came into view. But then as the wind eased throughout the forenoon Starfire's faster pace soon left heavy old Sylph wallowing behind in the light winds and lumpy sea and swell, and now she has depressingly drawn ahead over the opposite horizon. These conditions are not at well suited to Sylph.

So I expect Mark and Starfire will be sound asleep by the time we eventually catch up. Not to worry – I guess I should have just kept sailing overnight. I am finding sailing in company with a faster boat isn't actually much fun, and I am glad we decided against the social race around KI, that would have been a complete joke.

The sails are starting to slat in the light wind and moderate swell, bother!

Oh well, we all have to sail our own race in life and for most of us comparing ourselves with others, while at times difficult to avoid, only leads to unhappiness, undoubtedly why I have ended up a single hander.

All is well.