Keeping Busy

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 27 Mar 2015 05:36
Alongside Cordova Small Boat Harbor
Weather: Showers, cool

We continue to wait for a favourable weather pattern. In the meantime I attend to the many minor maintenance jobs. One job has not met with success - the two horse power outboard which has sat idle in its cockpit locker for several years has at last been officially declared dead. It has duly been dismantled and buried in the harbor master's dumpster. On the plus side the spare genset that was so generously given to me by Brad and Tamara from "Suuhaa" is at last working, courtesy of the generous assistance of an Austrian sailor and mechanic, Karl. Karl worked out that the exhaust valve guide had slipped which was holding the valve open. He helped me to fix it and now that the generator is running I think I shall sell it. The Honda genset has been working fine for the last several months, and I do not need two generators, so I figure I may as well save the much needed weight and space that this superfluous piece of machinery is taking up. I feel a little guilty attempting to sell something that was given to me, but if I do manage to sell it, and if I ever catch up with Brad and Tamara, I shall offer them the proceeds, or at least a part thereof.

Apart from working on Sylph, and the odd bit of socialising with some local friends that I have made over winter, I have spent the last couple of days helping out a neighbour with an electrical problem on his boat. It has kept my body and mind busy, for which I am grateful, but regrettably my efforts have thus far met with little progress. Tomorrow I will ring the manufacturer of the offending item, an inverter/charger, to see whether they are able to shed some light on the problem.

All is well.