Tomorrow We Sail

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 6 Dec 2012 10:16

Alongside Ulladulla Harbour
Wind: South F2 gentle breeze
Weather: sunny and mild

I have spent the last couple of days,while waiting for the weather to turn, fixing up a few bits and pieces. I have been up the mast to check the new rigging – nothing amiss that I can see, and I have attached a couple of extra latches to the engine box to hold it in place more securely, as one of the previous securing latches was removed and could not be replaced in the same way when the new engine was fitted.

Tomorrow the winds turn to the north, so it is time for us to be underway again.

RC is content.

All is well.


Ulladulla Harbour:



Sylph amongst the fishing boats:



A contented cat: