Haul-out Complete

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 27 Aug 2023 10:09

Position: Noakes Boat Yard, Berrys Bay
Wind: Calm
Sea: calm Swell: nil
Weather: sunny, warm

It has been another busy and productive week preparing Sylph for the Sydney to Hobart Race.

On Tuesday we hauled out at Noakes Boat Yard in Berrys Bay. The main aim of the haul out was to have the hull scanned. The scan uses fancy laser technology to produce a digital model of the hull shape and with this model and the inclination test (to be conducted on 4 September) a stability curve can be calculated. I will aim to give more detail about what this curve is all about once it is completed. 

We have also had the keel and rudder inspected and the relevant form has been issued. And while hauled out we have of course given Sylph's bottom a new coat of antifouling paint and replaced the anodes. Thanks to Chris, our crew for the S2H, for helping out with the scrub down of Sylph's bottom, a tiring and messy job so I very much appreciated the help. Now all is complete with the final touch ups being applied today and Sylph will return to the water early tomorrow morning.

While it is a bit expensive hauling out in Sydney, I have been coming to Noakes for some thirty years now and I have always been well looked after. They do an incredible range of work, from replica historical vessels, vintage yachts and ultra-modern racers, to serious working craft such as tugs, police boats and ferries, so it is always an interesting experience coming here. The highlight this haul out was seeing the replica of the Duyfken on the big slipway, and impressive little ship.

Thank you Sean, Peter and the rest of the Noake's team for once again taking good care of Sylph.

This coming week week we will empty Sylph of all her remaining stores in preparation for the inclination test.

All is well.

Photo courtesy of Sean Langman