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Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 8 Dec 2015 02:38

Position: 37 46.36 N 122 23.13 W
At anchor China Basin
Wind: calm
Weather: fog
Days run: 6 nm

Guest post 2 (Kate)

Oakland Marina overnight. Container terminals on the way in. Restaurants all festive season, Happy Holidays. A man with a hand knitted Christmas jumper greeted us, back from Australia yesterday, an American promoting restaurant booking software. Up to the fuel dock and book into marina for the night. Jack London Square, train runs through the street with much fanfare each time and rightly so for the carriageway is shared by pedestrians and cars. The bar in the street has tourist fame and a sloping floor, a genuine piece of history and a “must-do” for the tourist. Bourbon, easy on the rocks, with a dash of water. Sweet. Dinner at a restaurant, very nice, “bottom-less glass” of wine. We fly the flag for Australia and drink probably too much? Morning finds coffee at a real professional coffee roasting joint in the streets that also hold the fruit and veg market. Coffee short and effective. Sweet. Fruit and veg purchased, back to Sylph and away. Past container terminal, tugboats, fog sets in. At mouth to harbour, nothing can be seen. Even the rail foremost gets a bit blurry for a while. Into the bay it lifts a little and we make way to China Basin, home of the Mariposa Hunters Point Yacht Club, anchor off and to shore to club, greeted with food and wine. Sweet! It is quiet on the deck of the club after a bit of a walk, Sylph the only visitor, a contrast to the night before and another taste of life in San Francisco. A chat with some locals is the most enjoyable way to become immersed. Another day well spent.

All is well.