Movie Night

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 29 Jan 2010 17:18
Position: At anchor off San Julian
Wind: West, F4 moderate breeze
Weather: overcast, cool

I managed to get ashore again yesterday but almost didn't make it back. We are in spring tides at the moment and the tidal range is seven meters. I had dragged the dinghy a long way up the beach. I looked at the distance I had to go to the high water mark. "I am not going to be ashore very long," I thought. "This is far enough, but just in case I will tie the painter to a rock. " It is just as well I did because when I returned the dinghy was about 20 meters from the shore. There was nought else to do, I stripped down to my underwear and waded out to the dinghy. Fortunately I only had to go out waist deep, the water was cold but things can always get worse. I certainly would not want to lose the dinghy.

The tidal stream was running fairly strongly on the return trip but not too bad so I went to pay the crew of Jenny a visit. When I arrived they were all settled in front of a nice big flat screen TV watching a DVD, "Chicago". What luxury! They invited me to jon them which was very nice, as I haven't watched a movie in ages. And I even made it back to the boat afterwards.

Meanwhile getting a little bit of maintenance done during the lulls in the wind.

I wonder what is screening tonight.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Al quiet in the feline department, haven't seen the entrée yet but I am patient and Iknow it will be worth waiting for, a few days sleep (with the odd snack) in between courses is no problem . . . Zzzzzzz.