Singing in the Rain

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 15 Apr 2011 23:27
Noon Position: 16 38.7 S 149 00.3 W
Course: South sou' west. Speed: 5.5 knots
Wind: East, F3 gentle breeze, F4-5 in passing rain showers
Weather: Partly cloudy with passing showers, warm
Day's run: 134.5 miles

We continue to make good steady progress with an average speed of 5.5 knots. A short while ago a passing rain squall gave need for a reef in the mainsail, haven't had to do that for a while. It was quite pleasant standing in the cool shower and wind putting the reef in. But the little rain squall was soon past and we are now back under full sail rolling gently towards our destination where we should arrive late tonight. Not sure what I am going to do on arrival, probably stand off overnight and enter harbour in the morning.

All is well.