Summer Cruise for 2008

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 28 Mar 2008 02:15
Last year I set off north in search of an iceberg, ultimately with a view to
burying a time capsule containing a signed copy of Al Gore's book "An
Inconvenient Truth" in a glacier in Greenland. We got as far north as
Newfoundland and found our iceberg (technically a bergy bit as Proteus was a
tad small to be considered a full blown iceberg - though undoubtedly it once
was to have made it as far south as it did so late in the season) but a late
start and engine problems prevented us from realizing the bigger objective.
This year I have set an earlier departure date (June 1) which should give
Sylph plenty of time to get well north. I have lots of work ahead to
realize this schedule but am optimistic.
Anyone want to donate a new headsail?