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Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 10 May 2010 23:57

Position: 53 13.26 S 073 21.86 W
At anchor Puerto Angosto
Wind: West sou’ west, F0-1 calm to light air
Weather: overcast, drizzle, cool.
Day’s Run: 18 nm

Yesterday the skippers of Sylph and Persimmon had agreed that the wind for today was going to be strong north westerlies and that we would be spending the day at anchor, but this morning after looking at the weather fax the winds looked to be much more moderate. I went over to Persimmon and woke Ian up with the news. We both swung into action and were back out into Magellan Strait before 10, there to be greeted by calm. I drifted for a while hoping for some wind while Persimmon motored ahead out of sight into the thick mist. After a while I gave up waiting for the wind and followed Persimmon, motoring at low revs to conserve fuel but at least to make some ground for the day.

I was contemplating spending the night at sea to see if I could get across northern entrance of the Magellan Strait and back into the shelter of Canal Smyth before the weather picked up again. This section is recognized as being very difficult, open to the swells from the Pacific and Southern Oceans and with a high frequency of gales and bad weather, and it will be a relief to be past it.

Towards sunset Ian reported back via VHF radio that the wind was starting to pick up from the northwest and that he was heading for Puerto Tamar. I decided it was best to be cautious and motored into the nearby Puerto Angosto. It was getting dark by the time I dropped anchor, and in running out a couple of shorelines I had a real foul up with one of the lines which, combined with the disappointment of being left behind again and the lack of wind for the day, did little to improve my mood. But now all is settled and having enjoyed a very filling and tasty vegetable curry I am feeling much better. And after all 18 miles isn’t too bad for a day’s run for the likes of Sylph and me.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Ah, the gentle purring of the beast below the floorboards once more accompanied a peaceful day. Not even the fact that there is still only hardtack for dinner could ruin my … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.