Cleared In

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 24 May 2011 04:18
Position: 18 39.50 S  173 58.81 W 
Moored Neiafu
Weather: overcast, showers, mild
Yesterday I slipped the mooring at Port Mourelle and sailed the short distance to the main port of Neiafu where we cleared in. 100 Pa'Anga (55 Aust $) for the health clearance seemed a bit excessive for five minutes work but I suppose it helps feed the King.  Formailites completed I motored to a nearby mooring and proceeded ashore to the Aquarium Cafe which ran the mooring, and here I met up with a cruising couple I had met in Niue briefly.  I enjoyed their company for the evening and perhaps just one too many beers, consequently a slow start to today.  And I have managed to wreck my little netbook so am back to the old Toshiba laptop, which in turn has meant that all of today has been spent in bringing it up to date so I can use it once again as Sylph's primary computer.  Bother!  Whether the demise of my netbnook is related to that one extra beer I might have been wiser not to have had or not I will leave to your imagination.
All is well.