A Bit Rough

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 29 May 2009 18:49
Noon Position: 42 54.3 N 056 51.1 W
Course: Northeast
Wind: East sou'east, strong breeze,
Weather: Overcast, patches of sun, mild. Sea: moderate
Day's Run: 84 miles

And now a whole lot more breeze has come, right on the nose as well of course, so much for the birthday wishes for fair winds etc. Now we have half the jib furled, two reefs in the mainsail, punching into a lumpy sea., waves crashing over the bow, sweeping the coach house and dumping in great streaming dollops into the cockpit. The forecast is for this to continue for another 24 hours or so as a couple of warm fronts pass through, then we should have a pleasant 15 knots from the southwest, abaft the beam. The next tricky bit will be getting round the ice bergs drifting south of Newfoundland, currently they are as far south as 43 North, I am currently being forced to the northeast, so once the winds have eased we need to get south again.

Everything is snugged down for now, as long as the wind doesn't get much stronger we should be fine, otherwise we might be into some storm gear and heaving to for a while.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Only one thing to do on days like today, take it from an old sea cat, strap yourself in and sleep through it.