Weekly Progress Report 8

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 26 Apr 2020 06:30
As with all the other projects tackled in this refit, the V-berth is now back together but with a few minor chores remaining to finish it off. I figure all these finishing-off tasks can be done once all the serious work has been finished. To this end, this last week my main task has been stripping and refurbishing the alleyway. This is now at the stage of being painted and while I wait for the ‘Rustbond’ primer to dry I have moved onto removing the starboard water tank to tackle the hull beneath. I last attended to this part of Sylph six years ago while in Seward, Alaska, so I was hoping that the hull would be in reasonable shape. I was to be disappointed. It would seem water has lain trapped along some of the stringers and the epoxy coating has broken down allowing rust to develop. So, once more I fired up the pneumatic chisel and de-scaled the hull revealing one small hole and a moderate amount of pitting. Thus, this coming week will involve more cutting and welding.
The V-berth almost complete (but now full of stuff removed from the saloon to allow removal of the starboard water tank):
Hull repairs in the alleyway (and beyond):
The alleyway primed:
The starboard water tank removed:
The hull under where the starboard water tank usually sits:
All is well.