An Even Better Run

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 3 Sep 2013 02:29
Noon Position:  23 36.3 S  151 19.8 E
Course:  North nor’ west    Speed:  6.5 knots
Wind:  Southeast,  F4 - moderate breeze
Weather: mostly sunny, mild
Sea:  moderate   Swell:  Southeast  1.5 meters
Day’s run:  154 Nm
We continue to make excellent progress with the help of the fresh steady south east breeze that has remained with us since departing Moreton Bay.  I have decided against going into Gladstone as it is quite a long haul up the inlet to the harbour, and to come back out would have entailed punching to windward for almost twenty miles before we would have been able to resume heading north.  Instead, we will keep on gong a little further north.  Next stop is Rosslyn Bay, where I hope to have a break for a few days.  A full night’s sleep after living on twenty five minute naps for the last couple of days will be nice.  Also a trip to the laundry is getting to be overdue.
All is well.
One of the many ships at anchor off Gladstone Harbour:
The long, low and relatively featureless Curtis Coast:
And Sylph runs and runs, wing on wing:
Leaving a clean wake astern: