Fitzroy Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 10 Sep 2019 23:56

Position: 16 55.68 S   145 9.31 E
At anchor Fitzroy Island
Wind: SE  F4 moderate breeze
Sea: slight  Swell: SW/NE 0.5 m
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s run: 17 nm

The plan, such as it was, was achieved with minimal drama, which is how I generally like plans to go even if that makes for unexciting reading. So, to recap, we went ashore, got in some supplies, in particular that most essential of ship’s stores, only second to kitty litter (which we had plenty of), namely cat food. Following which we had an ice cream then repaired back on board, had dinner, then weighed anchor and proceeded to sea.

The wind outside of Trinity Inlet was very light so initially we motored, then we had a light breeze so we sailed for a bit, then that died off so we motored for a bit more, then we sailed and then we motored, etc. By such means we eventually covered the seventeen miles to Fitzroy Island, arriving at just after midnight. Unfortunately on our arrival we found that all the moorings were taken so we had to fuss around motoring hither and thither, the beam of our spot light scanning this way and that, looking for a spot where we could anchor without, a) hitting another boat, b) having to use all seventy meters of Sylph’s anchor chain, or c) run onto the beach. We eventually found a reasonable compromise and once settled, set the anchor alarm and turned in for what remained of the night.

This morning, a little later than usual, indeed Kate was already up, I looked around and decided I was not entirely happy with where we had ended up, with problem c) above dominating my thoughts more than I was comfortable with.  As I looked around contemplating options one of the boats on a public mooring departed, so I pumped the anchor up out of the depths with the Muir manual windlass and, once secured, Kate expertly motored Sylph  over to the newly vacant mooring. Then, a short while later, another boat left from another mooring just that little bit closer to the beach, so we slipped the mooring we were on and motored the fifty meters closer in, where we have now settled. (When you row ashore every meter saved counts.)

Some study, then a row ashore, a swim, a shower, a beer/cider at the resort bar, a row back to Sylph, and now ‘tis time for a pizza and movie night.

All is well.