Ria de Muros

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 31 Aug 2009 12:15
Position: 42 46.86 N 009 03.52 W
At anchor off Muros, Spain
Wind: Light and Variable
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day's Run:100

It seems the Europeans are taking their commitment to reduce green house
gases quite seriously with wind generators their preferred alternative
energy option. As we sailed along the Spanish coast it was covered in a
numerous wind farms, perhaps not the most aesthetic sight but pleasing

We enjoyed a pleasant overnight sail, broad reaching then running square wing on wing
brought us off the entrance to Ria de Muros at 8.30
where we were left becalmed. My cruising guide mentions Muros as an
interesting fishing village, this seemed like a nice contrast to the city
scene I had just experienced so seeing as it looked unlikely that we were going to make
much more progress for the next several hours I decided to make Muros our
next port of call. I started the engine and commenced motoring but after
just half an hour had had enough, I shut it down, dropped sail and drifted
until some wind returned, and of course took the opportunity to get a little
sleep. I was aroused at 10.30 by a shout, "Hoy . Hoy . Hoy." It was the crew
of a fishing vessel passing close by as they were recovering their nets. I
had poked my head up on deck about an hour previous and all was clear, but
within the hour some fog had descended upon us, but it had also brought a
little breeze. Glad to have been woken and relieved that I had not
embarrassed the fisherman we promptly raised sail and continued towards the

As we passed abeam of Punta Carriero the fog lifted but we lost the wind once
more and once more resorted to the engine. An hour later, at 12.50 p.m.,
we were at anchor.

The village looks pleasant from here, I shall report further when I
have had the chance to get ashore. For now a few boat chores.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

The V-Berth made a very nice change but as evening fell and the temperature
followed suit I find the warmth of the skipper filled settee bunk the best
option. The warmth is definite plus, its major disadvantage is the
skipper bobbing up and down all the time, still the bobs got fewer towards
morning and now it is down to one Bob, namely me, and it is nice and warm
without the second Bob's bobbing. Well enough bobbing Bobs, I am going back
to the land of bob free Nod ... Zzzzzzzz.