Rigger Found

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 6 Jul 2009 17:11
At anchor Kinsale
Wind: Southwest, fresh
Weather: sunny and windy

I have located a rigger, Harry, who can replace my shroud. It should be done Wednesday, whch means we should be ready to continue on our way by Thursday. Tomorrow I will try and visit Cork for a bit of a look around.

Kinsale is nice, though very touristy, lots of restaurants and hotels. The original town is interesting with its short narrow streets and alleyways, rows of townhouses, small shops and brightly coloured pubs all compressed together in a very small area.

I think Bob Cat has gone nocturnal, sleeps all day then annoys me for much of the night with his plaintive cries. I hope he is OK, but cats have way of making the most dreadful sound when they want to.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Skipper Bob has now topped the cake in the catering department. The receptacle from which I eat has two parts, normally one is filled with water and the other with hard-tack or gruel, whichever happens to be on the menu for the day. Now he has put the water in a separate bowl, has placed hard-tack in one side in one side of the regular dish, and gruel in the other. I am sure he has a malicious sense of humour, now he has given me a choice of poisons. .I knew the good stuff wouldn't last long. No wonder I am awake half the night. Well for now I had best get some sleep in so I can voice my protestations at the most effective time. Heh, heh, .. Zzzzzzz