Departed Kinsale

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 9 Jul 2009 16:15
Noon Position:: Clearing Kinsale
Course: East Speed 2 knots
Wind: West, light
Weather: overcast Sea: calm, nil swell

Yesterday we got the shroud back form the rigger and I spent much of the
afternoon fitting it. Unfortunately the European end fitting is different
from the original Australian fitting so I had to mess around a bit to make
it work. But the rig is back together, I am not entirely satisfied and will
keep a close eye on the effect this fitting has on the mast tangs, but
it is a lot better than having a shroud with broken wires. So now we were
free to get underway which, today we have duly done, weighing anchor at 9
a.m. in a very light breeze which subsequently has filled in a little from
the west. We have the jib poled out to port and are running goosewinged
before a fair breeze on a calm sea - hang around long enough and fair winds
and following seas will catch up with you eventually, even if at times life
does seem like one continuous headwind.

This morning, once underway and clear of Kinsale, I repaired the
"Watch Commander", my glorified egg timer. On pulling it a part I found a
spot of corrosion on a little variable potentiometer on the circuit board. I
pulled out the trusty butane fired soldering iron, unsoldered the
potentiometer, cleaned the circuit board a little, soldered it back on, and
hey presto, it's working again. Hooray, very useful little device this - no
way you can sleep through its second alarm. One of my more serious fears is
falling asleep and waking up as Sylph runs into a cliff or such like, not a
pleasant thought. Not very likely while the 'WC' is on the job.

We need to be in Dublin by the 12th to collect a young crew member, Thomas,
who will be sailing with us to Holland. Dublin is 170 miles from Kinsale,
with continuing good weather we could be there tomorrow evening but I will
probably look for somewhere to anchor for a night just short of Dublin. We
have time in hand and I don't want to miss out on too much of the south
coast. A possible gale is being forecast for Saturday so we will have find a
snug anchorage before then in which to ride it out.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Feeling a little weary today, certainly no kitten these days. Zzzzzzz.