Just Jogging

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 20 Sep 2015 20:02
Noon Position: 46 29.4 N 126 15.8 W
Course: south sou' west Speed: 4 knots
Wind: south west, F4 moderate breeze
Sea: moderate. Swell: south west, 1.5 meters
Weather: mostly cloudy
Days run: 109 nm sailed, 75 nm made good

At 1500 we tacked. The wind had veered a little further into the west such that Sylph was making good a course a little north of west, so we were no longer making any ground in the direction we wished to go. It is often a moment of consternation for me when we tack, for sometimes, once we have settled on our new heading, I am disappointed to find that we are heading pretty much back in the direction from which we came, and are making very little ground to windward. This time, however, I was pleased to see that once Sylph had steadied, that the numbers on the GPS indicated that we were in fact making good a course of only slightly east of west, that is, we were now heading in the direction we wished to go – which is not such an easy thing to achieve when relying on the wind to get to where one wants to go.

And overnight we have made plenty of southing. At midnight, with the sound of the wind in the rigging becoming noticeably louder, and with a forecast for strong winds extant, I reduced sail. Come three o'clock, with the wind piping louder, we had two reefs in the mainsail and most of the headsail furled. This has in fact proven to be overly cautious, but it has made for a comfortable night, of which I am sure RC approves.

My weather forecaster tells me that by early evening the wind should veer into the north west. The change will bring some rain, but that should soon clear as the front passes over. It will be interesting to see how accurate the forecast turns out.

When the wind blows fair, we will cast loose the reefs, and set Sylph free.

All is well.