Departed Airlie Beach

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 17 Jul 2019 03:17

Noon Position: 20 05.7 S  148 37.5 E
Course: NW  Speed:  5 knots
Wind: SE;  F4, moderate breeze
Sea: slight   Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, mild
Day’s run: 11 nm

This morning we weighed anchor at the civilised hour of 0900 and are now, once more, running wing-on-wing before a pleasant south east trade wind.  Our next stop is Townsville where we expect to arrive tomorrow morning.  Here we will catch up with Michael and his family. In particular I have not had the opportunity of seeing my nieces, Ella and Kaylah, for quite a few years and they are rapidly growing up. No doubt very soon, indeed probably already, they will have very little time for a grumpy grey-bearded uncle.  Also, hopefully I will be able to see my brothers, John and Mark, and sister, Jenny, if they can make it up from Adelaide and Melbourne.

All is well.