Engine Repaired

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 8 Aug 2007 18:03

Noon Position:  47 41.6 N  052 39.9 W

Course: 355, Speed: 2 knots

Wind: East  8 knots


We are away.  We topped up freshwater this morning and the engine has successfully got us clear of St John’s Harbor, now we have a zephyr of a breeze and are attempting to sail with it.  The wind is forecast to increase from the East to 15 knots this evening and to 25 knots tomorrow and by tomorrow evening it will blowing a gale from the North, so the plan is to make for Bona Vista, about 70 miles from here and be at anchor before the gale starts to blow.

It is good to have the engine repaired and be underway again.