Motoring the Channels

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 25 Aug 2013 05:03
Position:  27 40.96 S  153 22.05 E
At anchor, Browns Bay
Wind: North  F1  light air
Weather: partly cloudy, mild
Day’s run: 20 Nm
With exams completed Friday, and a few odd boat jobs out of the way yesterday, this morning I arose with the sun and got underway at a bit after seven to make use of the flooding tide.  With not enough wind to sail, we wended our way up the narrow winding channels of the waterways between the Gold Coast Seaway and Moreton Bay under motor.  At midday, with the tide turning against us, and feeling a little weary after over four hours behind the wheel, I decided to anchor for lunch.  I threw us a little ways out of the navigation channel and we are now at pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Having settled here, and very comfortably at that, I have decided to stay the night.  We will aim to get underway at a reasonable time tomorrow to make good use of the tide again, and get the remainder of the way through the channels.
All is well.
Leaving the Gold Coast astern:
In the channels:
Canal estates:
Cormorant estate (much nicer):
A quicker, and noisier, way of getting around:
How sad, going nowhere anytime soon:
At anchor, Browns Bay