We’re Off!

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 2 Jan 2020 01:12

Position: Sydney Heads
Course: East   Speed:3 knots
Wind: SSE, F3 gentle breeze
Sea: slight.  Swell: SE 1 meter
Weather: overcast, warm

We have cleared Sydney Heads and have taken our departure, sailing due east, close hauled into a light south easterly breeze. The cat’s paperwork all went through with no problems, at least from the Australian end, and two nice people from Border Force turned up at RANSA to clear us out this morning. They were a little early so we were under way at 0915. Prior to departing, we said our farewells to some fellow club members who were about the club house.  One was working on his lovely little folk boat on the RANSA slip and some others were preparing for a shorter voyage up the coast to Broken Bay. It was nice to have a small farewell committee and to have a couple of friendly sails keep us company down the harbour and out of the Heads.

A safety brief has been completed and now we are settling into our passage routine which should be about 12 days duration, give or take, depending on the wind.

All is well.