At Anchor Chesapeake Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 20 Sep 2007 03:34
Noon Position: 39 28.0 N 075 33.5 W (abeam Salem Nuclear Power Station)
Course: North Speed: 5 knots
Wind: Light
Daily Run: 124 miles
Ave Speed: 5.2 knots

It has been a long 24 hours and then some. Last night at about two in the
morning we rounded Cape May and entered Delaware Bay, we then worked our way
up the bay some 50 miles before motoring through the Chesapeake Delaware Bay
Canal, which leads us into Chesapeake Bay and on towards Annapolis. I have
only just come to anchor for the night, it is now 10 p.m., having only had
catnaps of about 20 minutes or less for the past 36 hours. So the plan is
to catch up on some sleep and then get underway tomorrow to complete the
remaining 70 miles to Annapolis by tomorrow evening, which will bring this
particular voyage to a close (but not my investigations into the global
warming debate).

For tonight I will knock off a relatively simple issue, namely that heat
waves will kill people. Singer and Avery argue that so do cold snaps and in
fact more people die from cold then heat so on balance global warming is not
a bad thing with this particular issue. Furthermore they argue that with
the free use of fossil fuels most people who are vulnerable to heat stress
will have access to air conditioning. For now I am willing to concede this
particular issue as neutral in the debate and with that momentous conclusion
on my part I am now going to get some sleep.