Arrived Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 1 Jun 2012 05:26

Position: 35 39.21 S 137 38.64 E
Alongside Kingscote, Kangaroo Island
Wind: Calm
Weather: partly cloudy, cool
Distance run: 64 nm

The wind continued light and, for the most part, consistent from the east sou' east overnight, the seas were flat so we, namely John, RC and I, all enjoyed a very pleasant sail and arrived off Kingscote just after sunrise. A final tack in the fading air had us closing the quiet summer resort town, and at 10.40 we started the engine and motored the last two miles to the small pontoon berth in a flat calm.
It was so calm I think RC did not realise we had been moving overnight and when he went on deck to do his usual morning rounds a look of shocked surprise was quite evident on his face as he stood up on the cockpit coaming staring and staring ashore. Once satisfied that the image he was perceiving was not in fact an optical illusion he stood looking at me as if to say, “What have you done to the world?”. But being a cat he has of course adjusted quickly to the new situation and is now snoozing in the companionway.

All is well.


RC, “What have you done?”


Brother John: