Arrived Tasmania

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 1 Feb 2013 02:40
Position:  41 11.38 S  146 22.16 E
Alongside Mersey River Yacht Club, Devonport
Wind:  Calm
Weather:  mostly sunny
Day’s run: 78 nm
Conditions remained drizzly for most of yesterday with light winds from the west, until midnight, when the skies cleared, the wind shifted into the south and the temperature plummeted. That was obviously the cold front but its arrival was the gentlest I think I have ever seen.  We remained fairly close in to the coast overnight, so the seas were smooth making for a very pleasant sail.  We arrived off Devonport at sunrise but loitered around outside the harbour for a few hours to allow a couple of ships to enter ahead of Sylph and also to allow the tide to turn.  The entry into the Mersey River was very straight forward, which is one of the main reasons I chose to come here first. 
The people at the yacht club are very welcoming, but I do not plan to stay for long.  I will hopefully have a relaxing evening tonight and catch up on some sleep.  Tomorrow we will store ship with a view to being underway again on Sunday.
I have been meaning to make it to Tasmania for quite a while now so I am very happy to have achieved this minor goal.
All is well.