Approaching Prince William Sound

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 20 Oct 2014 20:26
Noon Position: 59 52.8 N 148 33.7 W
Course: East Nor' East Speed: 5.7 knots
Wind: South, F4 moderate breeze
Sea: slight Swell: South East 1 meter
Weather: cloudy, cool

I came to the conclusion last night that the old saw that one should be careful what one wished for had a lot of truth in it, for we did in fact experience variable winds, in fact highly variable, and often light or calm, though the seas were anything but calm. This ended up leading to not a little drama. I do not have time to amplify for the moment as we are approaching the south western entrances to Prince Williams Sound and I need to attend to the navigation. I intend to anchor for the night in the north east arm of Hogg Bay as the US Pilot recommends it as an excellent small craft anchorage and it looks pretty easy to get to.

I will provide a more detailed account of last nights adventures later this evening, once Sylph is settled. But for now, the wind is behind us, Sylph has a bone in her teeth, and . . .

All is well.