Light Winds Over Capel Bank

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 20 Jun 2011 02:21

Noon Position: 25 28.5 S 158 19.0 E
West, Speed: 2 knots
South sou' west F2 slight breeze
Mostly sunny, mild
Day's run: 85 miles (66 miles towards destination)

I am pleased to say that I have not much to report today as all has been pretty quiet over the last 24 hours. We have been closed hauled on the port tack and mostly making good a course towards the south sou' west which is close to the direction we want to go to get to Coffs Harbour. It would probably be a lot easier to make for Brisbane but …

Yesterday evening, shortly after sunset, I was sitting in the cockpit enjoying the peace and quiet, when I happened to glance at the echo sounder and for some reason decided to switch it on. I have no real idea why now but when I looked at it I was surprised to sea it registering a depth of 53 meters. First I thought maybe it was just a disturbance in the water but the return persisted. I checked the chart and sure enough we were passing over the edge of the Capel Bank. I knew it was there as I had noticed it a few times when plotting our position, noting that it had plenty of water over it I then pretty much forgot about it. Nonetheless a useful piece of positional information and an odd coincidence that I should turn the echo sounder on just as we were passing over the bank.

Light winds for now until the next low makes its way around the the south east corner of Australia, then more fresh headwinds to look forward to. Some time tomorrow I would guess.

All is well.