Cold, Clear Headwinds

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 19 May 2009 16:25
Noon Position: 43 57.8 N 064 09.0 W
Course: Northeast Speed 3 knots
Wind: North nor-west, light breeze
Weather: Overcast, cold, No Fog (still!) Sea: slight but choppy
Day's Run: 88 miles

Last night was a definite improvement over the previous one, no fog, no rain, just a very cold headwind which we are making slow progress into. Cold, clear headwinds are better than cold, wet, foggy fair winds.
We are still looking good for making Halifax tomorrow, sometime in the forenoon I would say.
Anyone heard from Paul out there? Hello, Paul, hello. I need to hear from you if you want to join me anytime soon.
I was looking at the ice charts for Newfoundland yesterday and there are a lot of icebergs up that way. I am appreciably earlier up here this time than last year, because the primary objective is to get across to Europe and make the most of the short northern summer. So I am reviewing my plan and thinking we might head straight for Ireland from Halifax and duck under all those bergs, they're impressive but I saw enough of them last year and have had enough of cold and sleepless nights worrying about bumping into them, at least for now.

Bob Cat:

Now about this global cooling theory of mine, I think if my observation sample is anything to go by, there is a paucity of cats on the planet and people aren't feeding them quality food, hence we cats are having to conserve energy, thus CO2 and methane levels are way down, we are heading into another ice age! Skipper Bob, save the planet, feed me, (and make it something worth eating) NOW, before it's too late.
In the meantime what choice do I have but to conserve energy. Maybe I'll think of another strategy while I sleep on it, but I know a critical factor is proper food. We are clearly in a positive feedback loop here.
Well don't say I didn't warn you.

All is well, for the moment anyway.