The Heads Continued

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 8 Mar 2014 11:08

Position: Alongside Sato Ne
Wind: North F4 moderate breeze
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

I put the heads back together this morning and this evening, after returning from a short hike was dismayed to find that it is leaking worse than before. It seems that the epoxy glue I used has simply dissolved, and in re-bedding the base perhaps I have caused the crack to open up somewhat. Bother! Tomorrow I shall take it all apart again. At least it is all clean now.

We have been stuck here in Sato longer than I had hoped, waiting for the wind to shift. At this stage Tuesday looks good. Given that we have fallen behind schedule quite a bit, I shall probably head straight up to Nagasaki for our next port of call.

All is well.