Boisterously Bouncing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 24 Aug 2008 16:51
Noon Position: 46 28.7 N 056 04.8 W

Course: West Nor'west Speed: 3.5 knots

Wind: South West, moderate breeze

Weather: Sunny, clear skies

Day's Run: 106 miles

We continue to plod along into this headwind. We have been close-hauled on the port tack for two whole days now and it looks like we are going to have to continue bouncing our way forward for another couple of days yet before we can expect a favorable change. Still it beats being becalmed. My strategic consideration now is when to tack. I can just make out the island of St Pierre away to the north. It is tempting to stop there for a few days and wait for more favorable weather, but I have a suspicion if I did that I could end up waiting a long time, so best to keep plodding for now. I reckon we should continue on this tack for as long as it remains the favoured tack, until I reach the Nova Scotian coast, then to remain fairly close to the coastline to be in good position to pick up the nor'easterly when (if?) it arrives on Wednesday. Any weather gurus/sailing tacticians with any advice?

One good thing about the port tack is that it is good for sleeping. The settee/sea berth is on the starboard side so when we are on the port tack we lean to starboard and you fall into the bunk rather than out of it. I have lee cloths of course but they do not give one the secure and cozy feeling as the cushions on the back of the settee.

Now the starboard tack, that is the cooking tack, because the galley is on the port side. On the port tack, when preparing food it is always threatening to leap out all over you - never stand in front of the stove when something is cooking on it on the port tack!

Bob Cat:

Churchill said, "The chain of Destiny must be lived one link at a time." Will I be the Bookstore cat? We will let the future reveal itself in its own good time, for now I am a boat cat and I will make the most of it. Fortunately I have a very portable profession. I can do it almost anywhere. Sleeping while continuously boisterously bouncing requires the art and dedication of a grand master.

All is well.