Arrived Hobart

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 6 Feb 2013 04:25
Position: 42 51.26 S   147 19.48 E
At anchor Cornelian Bay, Hobart
Wind:  Southeast F3 gentle breeze
Sea: smooth, Swell: nil
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day’s run:  105 nm
It has been a long day and night.  Once we rounded Cape Pillar the wind deserted us for several hours and we drifted around in the vicinity of Cape Raoul unitl 1.30 this morning, when we at last had sufficient wind to start making our way up Storm Bay towards the Derwent River.  We arrived at the Iron Pot marking the entrance to the Derwent at seven a.m. just in time for the tide to turn against us, but I wasn't going to be defeated.  We were either going to sail these last few miles or I would anchor and wait for the tide to turn.  The winds were mostly light and from ahead so with the not insignificant tidal stream against us it took us another seven hours before we managed to work our way up the river, just past Hobart Town to Cornelian Bay where we have come to anchor outside some moored craft.  This seems as good a spot as any, as my cruising guide tells me there is a bus stop right near the head of the Bay, so hopefully this will prove convenient for getting around town.
But now I need a snooze.
All is well.