Whales off Cape Upstart

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 29 Sep 2019 03:02

Position: 19 39.3 S  147 53.0 E
Course: 145  Speed: 3 knots
Wind: E  F2 light air
Sea: slight  Swell: ESE 0.5 m
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s run:  81 nm sailed, 42 nm made good

The breeze has remained light and steady, and mostly from ahead. Consequently progress has been slow.  We have watched a number of boats motor sail past old Sylph but at no point have we been tempted to disrupt the serenity with the noisy BRM. We will get to where we are going without the aid of global warming fossil fuels if we can help it.

At midday we were treated to some small whales passing close by. Consulting Peter Gill and Cecilia Burke’s book, Whale Watching in Australian and New Zealand Waters, we believe they were pygmy killer whales.

All is well.