Alongside Ililissat

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Bob Williams
Thu 31 Jul 2008 22:08
Position: 69 13.2 N 051 05.6 W
Alongside Ililissat
Wind: Light & variable
Weather: Sunshine

We made it! We are now alongside what looks to be a nice little fishing
village, Ililissat. We have just got here so I haven't had the opportunity
to look around yet to confirm this first impression but it looks good so
far. Our time of arrival was 5.30 p.m., that gave me 30 minutes to find a
supermarket and buy that beer I've been trying to have for the last couple
of weeks. 'Septimus', the boat we met in Sisimiut, was here so it was a
simple matter of tying up alongside her. Once secure I ducked up to the
nearest supermarket which is only a stones throw away and bought a few beers
and now I am back at the boat enjoying one of them as I write.
Ililiissat marks the northern most point for this voyage. I had given
myself until the end of July to see how far north we could get, with Disko
Bay being my goal. I am well content. In hindsight I perhaps wish I had
spent a little less time motoring around fjords but you have to give
something a go to know whether it is worthwhile or not. I am reading a
wonderful little book at the moment, 'Twenty Years A'Growing' about a boy
growing up on a small island, Great Blasket, off the coast of Ireland in
early 20th century. It is nicely written (translated from Irish) and has
some little gems of Irish wisdom in it one of which I particularly liked,
"Wisdom comes after action." It seems appropriate.
A few stats for the voyage so far: since leaving Annapolis on June 1 we have
sailed and motored a total of 3,370 miles in 61 days; of that 61 days we
have been at sea for roughly 41 days and alongside or at anchor for about
19. Now we have to get back, hopefully we can do it in a little less time
than it took us to get here.
Tomorrow I shall have a look around town, top up a few essential provisions,
and try to see one of the world's greatest sights. I saw the end of the
glacier today as we approached Ililissat, lots of ice, I shall bring some
back for some of Hank's martinis. It was interesting as we approached the
head of the bay seeing how the icebergs almost seem to have a purposeful
route as they march in a line out to sea. I certainly think I have now seen
enough icebergs to satisfy a lifetime.
All being well we shall depart Ililisiut on 2 August for the return passage.

Bob Cat

Well I have certainly seen more ice then any cat ever needs to see. The
sunshine has been nice though. I am still totally dissatisfied with the
catering on this cruise. I have made my dissatisfaction known to the
management, but I have concluded the management is completely incompetent
and that I am wasting my breath. I shall just have to endure the remainder
of the cruise as best I can but as a matter of principle will continue to
let the skipper know of my dissatisfaction. We survive.
And - All is well.