Light and Steady

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 27 Mar 2016 01:06
Noon position: 03 05.1 N 166 31.8 W
Course: SW Speed: 5 knots
Wind: ENE, F3 – gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: NE 1 meters
Weather: mostly cloudy, occasional shower, warm
Day’s run: 118 nm

A few more lingering rain squalls passed through yesterday afternoon, but
come evening most of the clouds had cleared and I could see a sky full of
stars, the milky way arching brightly overhead. How I pity people who live
their whole lives in the light polluted skies of cities, who perhaps have
never been able to look up and be overwhelmed by the immensity of our
universe, or, worse yet, perhaps to not even have the imagination to
contemplate it. With the sky clearing I decided to once more give the
drifter a go. This time I met with success. We sailed all night with it
drawing us along, helping to keep our speed up and air flowing over the
main. No slatting – a peaceful night.

At nine o’clock I went on deck for my regular rounds, especially to keep an
eye on the drifter. The sail is light-weight nylon, is over thirty years
old, but is still a great versatile light-weather sail and I want it to last
for a while yet. A big yellow near-full moon was rising and as I stood on
deck with the cool breeze on my skin, watching the moon's light filter
through the clouds and dapple the small seas with gold, I felt the tension
of the last few days melt away. Perched on the boom crutch a black noddy,
no doubt feeling less philosophical about the evening than Sylph's other
living inhabitant, was paying us a visit, head under wing, taking some rest.
I walked around it quietly, it did not notice me. It was still there after
sunrise, but when I walked forward to check the drifter it was more alert
and this time decided that it had had enough rest and took off. Drop by
again, any time, little friend.

1,549 nm to Fiji, 3,299 nm to Sydney.

All is well.