Destination D'Urville Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 20 Feb 2021 23:43
Noon Position: 40 38.9 S  173 29.5 E
Course: E  Speed 4 knots
Wind: W  F3 Sea: slight  Swell:  NW 0.5 meters
Weather: partly cloudy, mild
Day’s run: 122 nm

As we approached Cape Farewell, the wind freshened to force 6 (about  25 knots) so that by 2200 we were down to a double reefed main and 70% furled jib, making good seven plus knots. At 2315 we had to gybe to remain clear of Kahurangi Shoals. At 0220, as the coast fell away to the NE, we gybed back onto the starboard tack, which, when running wing-on-wing, is a bit of a chore as it involves first gybing the mainsail, then furling the headsail, then dipping the pole and setting it up on the opposite side, and then resetting the jib. It has been a tiring night with sail adjustments, course changes and keeping a reasonable lookout, but the wind, while fresh, has been fair and we have continued to make good progress. 

We cleared Farewell Spit at 0500 and are now making for D’Urville Island. The wind has eased back to a liesurely 10 knots and we are once more running square under full sail. The plan is to anchor in Allman Bay in the Southern Arm of Port Hardy (clearly named after Nelson’s captain given all the other Nelsonian names in the area). We should arrive sometime later this afternoon. I will have a little rest there and then, subject to weather, continue on to Queen Charlotte Sound.

All is well.