Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 7 Oct 2009 19:44
Position: 28 07.90 N 015 25.57 W
At anchor, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Wind: East, light air
Weather: Sunny, hot

We've made it to the Canaries, Hooray! With 30 miles to go a combination of
sailing and motoring at last brought us to anchor at 9 p.m. That has easily
been the slowest passage I have ever made. This morning I put the dinghy in
the water and rowed to the Port Authority building and cleared in. That was
completed efficiently and I have since been ashore to check out the nearest
supermarket. My objective here is to get a some maintenance done (as
always), top up with stores, water and fuel then be on our way. I had hoped
to be almost to Brazil by now so need to keep moving. There is still not to
be a lot of wind around so I will keep my fingers crossed that some will
arrive in time for our departure.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

It sure is getting warm. About this time last year as I recall it was very
cold and there were some very large bits of ice floating by, now it appears that they have
all melted. The extreme conditions in which I have slept, another
interesting chapter I shall have to add to my book. Skipper Bob has opened
the fore hatch so the best spot to sleep right now is just under it, i.e. the hatch,
where a gentle cool air wafts quietly through. Now back to work . . . Zzzzzzzz.