Ganges Harbour

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 28 Jun 2015 23:04

Position: 48 51.26 N 123 29.67 W
At anchor Ganges Harbour
Wind: SE, F1 – light air
Weather: overcast, mild
Day's run: yesterday 21 nm, today 23 nm

Yesterday we departed Nanaimo with a fresh north-westerly wind blowing. Our first challenge for the day was negotiating Dodds Narrows. At only 60 meters width, a strong tidal race pours through it at the flood and ebb tides. I had planned to arrive around 14.00 at slack water but with the fresh wind we arrived about an hour early. As we approached, while I could see a strong tidal stream still flowing there were no significant waves or eddies, so I decided to sail on through. Just at its entrance I estimate that the speed of stream would have been about three knots. I started the engine for about five minutes to get though this more turbulent patch after which the stream eased considerably and we were able to continue sailing for most of the day. We ran wing on wing down the Stuart Channel then around the southern end of Thetis Island and up into Telegraph Harbour. This bay proved to be very crowded with moored vessels and, with a fresh wind blowing down the bay from the north-west, I decided we would be more comfortable and safer for the night at anchor in Preedy Harbour on the other side of the peninsular that forms the western side of Telegraph Bay.  Here we came to anchor at 4.30 p.m., after which we enjoyed a relaxing evening.

Today, we weighed anchor at 8.20 and from Preedy Harbour motored for several hours due to the lack of wind. Around midday a light north-westerly filled in and later backed into the south-east so that we had to tack a few times down the Trincomali Channel before rounding Nose Point on the eastern side of Saltspring Island.  Once around Nose Point we were able to ease sheets and run into Ganges Harbour our destination for the night. At 3.00 p.m. we dropped anchor among several other vessels at anchor and on moorings. Tomorrow we hope to meet up with Sylvia's daughter, Heather.

Sylvia and Calico have settled into life aboard very well over the last few days. RC continues to politely ignore Calico, but I think Calico would like to be the boss cat if she stayed longer. Now we are going to row ashore for a bit of a look around.

All is well.