Do we stay or do we go?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 27 Jul 2008 15:11
Position: Alongside Sisimiut
Wind: North, light breeze
Weather: Sunshine.

As I walked around town yesterday I realized I had spelt Sisimiut
incorrectly, so now it is right. It is a pretty little township, lots of
brightly coloured simple houses variously perched on rocks with long wooden
stairways leading all sorts of funny angles to give access to their front
doors. I searched for a beer: went to the supermarket, bought a few odds
and ends including that most wonderful of vegetables, the onion, it goes
with almost anything and lasts as long as you would want any cruise to be.
I checked the clock on the wall, it was 5.30 p.m. Good, they haven't closed
the bottle shop yet, I thought. But when I got to the counter I was advised
- No, the alcohol section closes at one on Saturdays. Drats, foiled again!
And the only watering hole in town did not look very attractive. Oh well,
another dry evening, undoubtedly my liver is not complaining.
This morning I welcomed a nice sleep in until roused by BC, his water bowl
was empty, and some stomping on deck from my neighbours. After breakfast I
discussed weather with the crew of the boat next door - I must be getting
antisocial, I just realized I know neither the names of them nor their boat
- and considered options. It's sunny and very nice in harbour here but
peering out to sea it looks like fog. The next step I think is to get a
weather forecast which I do at the same time as I upload this email, so
whether I leave today or tomorrow, the answer is ..

Bob Cat:

The answer is, let's get back to Annapolis - where did Miss Mary find this
skipper? Mind you, the sunshine on the patio is very nice right now.