Plugging Away

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 3 May 2014 13:45

Alongside Fukuoka
Weather: mostly sunny, mild

I do not have much to report for the last few days. I am of course continuing to work on the repairs to Sylph. The genset has mostly behaved itself, though is running a bit rough so there is still a problem of some description. I suspect a carburettor but will deal with that later. For now it is powering the angle grinder and the vacuum cleaner, which are my main tools just at the moment.

There has been a sailing regatta going on at the marina over the last few days which has added a little colour to the otherwise drab black of the boat yard and car park. Reading the T-shirts it looks like a competition between a couple of universities, Kyushu being one of them. I find it interesting that Japanese culture seems quite militaristic in many ways. The teams regularly gather in circles and sing out US marine type chants, with unified body movements to match, and at the end of the day's sailing one team stood in a circle again and did some stretches and exercises led by a very serious looking young man. Certainly nothing like that ever happened at my sailing club when I was young.

All is well.


Regatta Day, 470s lined up ready to launch:
Not sure what this guy is doing, presumably a university flag: