Departed Howth, POB 2, COB 1.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 14 Jul 2009 12:51
Noon Position:: 53 37.0 N 005 44.1 W
Course: Northeast Speed: 6 knots
Wind: South sou'east, gentle breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, mild. Sea: slight.

Our new crew member, Thomas, has arrived and signed on to ship's articles
(persons on board - 2), our first for quite a while. He will be staying with
us for three weeks by which time we hope to be in Holland. So now I have
someone to look out while I am doing the blog instead of having to bob up
and down all the time.

Sunday was employed cleaning the boat, making some space available for the
crew and completing other domestic chores, namely laundry.

Yesterday Thomas arrived as planned and we took the opportunity to catch a
train into Dublin for a spot of Tourism. My objective was to see the old
Trinity College Library, the "Long Room", an amazing collection of old
books, stacked in tier upon tier to the wooden arched ceiling, split into
two stories with a central open gallery, I would estimate the top shelf was
50 feet from the floor. I speculated on the cataloguing system and Thomas
quipped, "Oh I would just like to browse please." Now that would be a tiring
experience, climbing up and down all those4 ladders. As a bonus was the
'Book of Kells', a famous illustrated manuscript from 800AD, was on dislpay
along with some other not quite so famous ancient texts. It was in
remarkable condition and the illustrations were bright and clear, amazing
work. Certainly the western world is indebted to this corner of civilization
for keeping the classics of Greece and Rome alive to provide the seeds for
the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

The marina facilities were a nice spot of luxury and were very welcome but
are just that, a luxury for us frugal long distance cruisers. So this
morning we paid our dues and were underway at 0900, our next port of call is
the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea, sixty miles from Howth

Bob Cat:

Another human being! We shall monitor this surprising event with closely.
What will this mean, maybe a turn for the better, a change of food perhaps,
a few more pats? No expectations, no disappointments, live in the moment -

All is well.