South Australian Waters

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 9 Jul 2021 00:10


1000 Position: 37 18.5 S   139 44.4 E
Course: NNW  Speed: 4 knots
Wind: NE  F4   Sea: slight   Swell: W 2 meters
Weather: sunny, cool
Days run: 107 nm.

I am posting this entry a little early as we are about to set off across the Coorong Bight and I expect to be out of phone range for about the next 24 hours. (I have also disconnected the satphone service for the time being to save a little money.)

We have enjoyed, for the most part, a pleasant sail along the Victorian and South Australian coastline. The wind remained relatively light from the northeast for most of yesterday, making for a close reach. We hugged the coast so as to remain in calmer seas which, in addition to making for a more comfortable ride, helped to keep Sylph’s speed up.

At 1730 we crossed into SA waters and have duly retarded clocks to time zone IK (-0930). Around midnight we passed Cape Banks which called for a course alteration to the NNW. This had us close hauled, increasing the apparent wind strength which, combined with an increase in true wind speed, required a reef in the mainsail and partly furled jib.

The weather has been mostly sunny and we enjoyed a clear starlit night including the odd meteor. The clear skies, while welcome, have also meant for a chilly night. Indeed, Oli has worked out how to burrow under the sea bunk’s doona in order to stay warm. He is also starting to get the hang of moving to one side without my coaxing when I crawl in every 25 minutes or so.

The wind is starting to ease again. Time to shake out the reef and unfurl the jib.

All is well.