Fresh Fish

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 29 Aug 2008 19:02
Noon Position: 42 30.9 N 065 54.4 W
Course: Southwest Speed: 5 ½ knots
Wind: North nor'west, moderate breeze
Weather: Partly cloudy
Day's Run: 148 miles

Shortly after logging off yesterday I decided, bugger it, let's shake those
reefs out. Sure enough, twenty minutes later I had to put the first reef
back in as the wind picked up and an hour later we were down to two reefs
and about 60% of the jib running before nice fresh force 5-6 breeze, gusting
force 7 (about 30 knots). The breeze remained fresh all night though slowly
backed and easeddnthis morning so that now we are close reaching under full
sail with the wind from the nor' nor'-west.

Bob Cat got a treat this morning, may be someone is listening to his
complaints about the food (not me, he's on a health diet, well I do give him
the odd treat, anything for a bit of peace) because I found a small fish on
the deck this morning, not sure what it was, not a flying fish, more like a
garfish. So BC got fresh fish for breakfast. He looked like and old sea ... cat I guess ... while eating it as well, with his hind legs spread well apart to compensate for the movement of the boat.

We are now past Nova Scotia and just into the Gulf of Maine, overall we are
making very pleasing progress.

Bob Cat:

OK, maybe the skipper is not such a hard case after all, maybe he has been
listening to me while hiding behind those dumb looks of his. Fresh fish for
breakfast, I can hardly wait to see what's on the menu tomorrow. Now I can
really get stuck into some solid work for the rest of the day. No time to