Gales and Things

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 13 Jun 2008 17:03
Noon Position: 45 40.7 N 057 42.1 W
Course: Northeast Speed: 2 knots
Wind: North Northwest, strong breeze
Weather: Overcast, occasional drizzle, rough seas abating, visibility
fair, cool
Day's Run: 124 nm

Three days in a row of runs over 100 miles, that's more like it. We had a
gale forecast for last night though it really only got up to a strong
breeze, maybe touching a near gale this morning. Technically a gale is 34-40
knots, a near gale is 28-33 knots and a strong breeze is 22-27 knots.
Nonetheless overnight I ended up steadily reducing sail until by 6.30 this
morning we were down to a double reefed mainsail only and pretty much hoved
to. The wind has abated somewhat since then. I have slept for the last few
hours once and have only recently got up just before midday for breakfast.
Bob Cat seems to be making quite a good sea cat. He has taken everything in
his stride so far without complaint (apart from the food), he hasn't been
sick or made a mess, uses his kitty litter with no fuss no matter what is
going on. Sleeps a lot but that's good for a sea cat. Maybe I'll call him
Bobsea Cat, Bobsea for short, or maybe Bob Zee if a more European flavour
seems appropriate. Any thoughts?
Now it is time to get some sail back on and continue making tracks, see if
we can make another 100 today.

Bob Cat:
Call me anything you like just don't call me late for dinner, especially if
there is a change of cuisine on the menu.