Mostly Maintenance

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 7 May 2023 10:13

Alongside Royal Brighton Yacht Club Marina
Wind: SW, F4-5
Sea: moderate Swell: SW 1m
Weather: cloudy, showers, cool

This last week I have finished dealing with most of the little rust spots on deck and have competed refurbishing and reinstalling the anchor windlass, though not without a few headaches. I suspect that the old Muir anchor winches were made more in a cottage industry mode than a modern production line process, and certainly not controlled with computer precision. Consequently, when I went to change parts over between the two old windlasses I found components were not identical and it took some time to match things up and to file some components down to fit properly. Also, when I went to bolt the refurbished windlass on deck I made the silly assumption that the castings were identical and that the footprint would be the same. Wrong! The holes in the feet of the 'new' casting were different from the 'old' one and I ended up having to drill two new holes in the deck. But it is now fitted and, fingers crossed, I hope it will give me a few more years of service.

Next weekend the event for which we came and are here awaiting will occur. The clan will be gathering.

All is well.