We're Away - sort of

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 9 Sep 2010 23:31

20.00 Position: 41 39.0 S 072 52.0 W
Course: sort of south Speed 0-2 knots
Wind: South F 0-2 light air
Weather: Overcast, some drizzle
Day’s Run: 10 miles

The big day for our departure from Puerto Montt at last arrived. I got up early to get everything ready for the Armada people who were supposed to turn up at nine to inspect Sylph and to give us our Zarpe, but in fact they did not turn up until 10.15 and then only after a phone call. It was only a minor delay however and at 10.30 we departed Club Nautico de Reloncavi and motored a short distance to another marina, Oxxean, there to top up with fuel. At 11.00 we were properly on our way.

With very little wind we motored for a couple of miles to clear out of Canal Tenglo and once in the open waters of Seno Reloncavi set sail to a light south easterly, a headwind, our next stop - Talcahuano.

Talcahuano was devastated by the recent tsunami but the Armada told me that all is OK there now and there is no problem for me to visit. It is about a 450 mile sail from here. My main interest is to see an old Victorian era gunboat that is maintained by Chile as a monument and is still in commission with the Chilean Armada. Her name is Huascar and she has a very interesting history, perhaps more of her later.

For now we are becalmed, drifting around Seno Reloncavi going absolutely nowhere. But this is fine with me. It is very peaceful and the next leg of our voyage has begun.

All is well.


Bob Cat:

The beast beneath the floor boards sprung into life after a long hibernation - I have to admire its ability to sleep even more than I do. I presume this means we are in the Yo Ho Ho mode of life again - Ho Hum. Not that I could tell right now, it hasn’t been this quiet in an age. Perfect for a …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz