Handrails Fitted and Squadron Opens for Sailing Season

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 12 Nov 2022 02:45
Alongside RSAYS Marina
Weather: wet and overcast
 Weather over the last two weeks has continued with significant periods of wind and rain but also with some days of hot sunny weather. During the fair weather I have completed fitting the new hand rails which are looking pristine under a few coats of protective oil. And a minor job I attended to was repairing the jib furling line which had some chafe in it. I tried cutting the damaged section out and then splicing the ends together but the sheath of the double braided line was too weathered and hardened to allow the core and sheath to be passed through one another, so, instead, I purchased a short length of 6mm Dyneema and splicing that to the drum end of the furling line. Hopefully that will extend the life of the line for at least a couple of years.
 Last Sunday was the Squadron's opening day. We had great weather and Sylph, myself and Mark Sinclair as crew joined the festivities by participating in the sail past of the official vessel One and All, flying the International Association of Cape Horners burgee and Mark and I wearing large gold earrings (attached to our left ears with rubber bands) to denote ourselves as Cape Horners. It was a fun day and we were rewarded for our efforts with a prize for being the best handled sailing vessel under power.
 Meanwhile Oli continues to enjoy the leisurely lifestyle of a dockside cat. We probably need to get to sea soon again before he gets too used to it.
 All is well