Cracked a Hundred

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 11 Jun 2008 16:40
Noon Position: 44 02.6 N 062 25.3 W
Course: North North East Speed: 5.9 knots
Wind: South East, moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast, good visibility, cool
Day's Run: 120 nm

At last we have cracked a day's run of over 100 miles, and pretty much all
of it in the right direction, a bit like hitting a century in cricket. The
fog has mostly cleared, just the occasional small bank rolls past every so
often - a good reason to stay well off shore from Nova Scotia, in our voyage
last year sailing close to land the fog seemed almost ever present.
Talking of presents, I want to thank everyone for all their little birthday
gifts: Judy the fudge is delicious, not good for the waist line, Bob Cat
keeps sniffing the tin thinking there is definitely something better on
offer inside; Maureen the lemon soap is keeping the heads smelling fresh,
when I went in there one morning I thought something must have broken it
smelt so sweet; and the mug, now I have one for coffee and one for hot soup;
Mary thanks for being you and the winter overalls as I have already
mentioned are fantastic, work clothes, play clothes and pajamas all in one,
sounds like a second childhood already; John, Jenny and family thanks again
for the photos, still haven't hung it but will get around to it soon. Sorry
about all the people and things I've forgotten.
Now obviously things must be running pretty smoothly if I have nothing else
to write about and I am happy to say that that is so (another quick
obeisance to the weather gods, I missed Aeolus yesterday but I think I'm far
enough away from his usual haunts that he won't notice). The wind
threatened to desert us around midnight but hung in there sufficient to keep
the sails drawing and soon picked up again. The wind right now is as
perfect as you could hope for, nice beam reach pushing us along at a steady
5 plus knots, calm seas, haven't had a drop of water in the cockpit for days
now, this is unusual in my low freeboard yacht. Getting plenty of reading
done; practiced a bit of celestial navigation a day ago when there was some
sun and a clear horizon; practicing the flute a little, good thing about
being solo, no one else to annoy; getting a few minor chores done, there is
always something that needs doing. As I write another fog bank has rolled
in, darn! Is there a god of fog? I can see the ancients must have been
kept pretty busy trying to keep the residents of the big house on the hill
all placated.
Spoke with a Norwegian tanker, the 'Grena', yesterday evening, the watch
officer told me they had a Pilipino crew and were bound for the North Sea to
pick up some oil, the global economy at work.
Well I'm waffling, so I'd best sign off for now.
Bob Cat says he's got too much work to do to write at the moment, he looking
a lot like the cat in the Bookstore window, batteries included.
All is well.