Next Stop Narooma

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 16 May 2024 02:23

Noon Position: 35 S 150 E
Course: S Speed: 4 knots
Wind: SW, F2 - light breeze
Sea: slight Swell: SE ).5 m
Weather: sunny, mild
Days Run: 23 nm sailed/motored, 15 nm made good

We enjoyed a very peaceful night at anchor off Hole-in-the-Wall on the south side of Jervis Bay getting a a very welcome good night's sleep. This morning, after a jog along the beach and a refreshing dip then breakfast, we sailed off the public mooring to a light breeze. However, unfortunately once we were out of the Bay, there was insufficient wind to allow us to continue to sail, especially as SW, the direction the light breeze was coming from, is the direction we need to go in to reach our next destination, Narooma.

There is a strong S'ly change forecast for tomorrow, arriving off Narooma around 1600 according to various wind models I have looked at. 1600 is also the time of high water at Narooma and given that the entrance to Wagonga River is barred we need to arrive slightly before then to cross it safely. I have calculated we need an average speed of just over two knots to get there by 1600. A N'ly breeze is forecast for later this afternoon which is expected to hold for much of the night, so, with a little luck and a bit of motoring, we should make it in good time.

All is well.