Arrived Southport

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 27 Jun 2019 05:22

1400 Position: 27 56.96 S  153 25.45 E
At anchor Southport, Qld.
Wind:  SE  F4. Moderate breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, showers, warm

Another good run overnight, though a bit lumpy in places, brought us to the entrance to Southport at 13.40, which proved to be excellent timing as we were two hours into the flood making for a comfortable crossing of the bar. As we passed between the entrance breakwaters, we handed sail and started the engine, motored the short distance to the nearest designated anchorage area, found a spot amongst the myriad of other boats at anchor, and dropped anchor in three meters of water on a sand bottom.

As Kate stowed the mainsail, two RAAF C17 heavy transport aircraft flew low and loud overhead, a helicopter buzzed about, and several PWCs shrieked past. 

We probably won’t be staying here for very long.

All is well.