Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 5 Jul 2011 08:39

Position: At anchor Outer Harbour Coffs Harbour
West to South west, moderate breeze
clear and mild

Work on the new wind vane rudder continues but now is awaiting some stainless steel fabrication by a local “retired” machinist, Con. He is a wonderful old man with many stories to tell, so work proceeds slowly and you do not want to be in a hurry to be anywhere else. But my impression is that he is worth the exercise in patience. I would say is work is second to none and he is not too expensive, though getting any idea of an estimate of cost is basically impossible.

Similarly the slipping has been delayed. I was hoping to haul out yesterday, but that was put off because the slipway owner and manager, Ray, was tied up with the EPA, then today the one and only cradle of the right size for Sylph is being occupied by a small fishing boat, Patricia. She was relaunched this afternoon but on hitting the water she started to leak faster then the pumps could pump the water out, so obviously Ray had her hauled straight back out. A shipwright will be looking at her on Thursday and I would say our best chance of having Sylph hauled will be Friday – don't hold your breath!

So seeing as it looks like we are going to be stuck here a little while yet, this afternoon I moved from the marina and proceeded to anchor in the outer harbour to save a bit of money.

All is well.